The next-gen flipbook
The next-gen flipbook
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Animation Playground

We’d like to show you a new way to create hand-drawn animation. So playful you’ll think it’s a toy, but it's secretly a robust app with a reimagined UI for animators and creators.

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Wonderfully Musical

Taking inspiration from music creation tools, using Looom feels more like playing an instrument than operating software. In Looom you can treat time as BPM or let an external sequencer control the timing of your animations.

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Open Ended

Looom files are crispy SVG vectors. You can import them into softwares like Adobe Animate and then even further into After Effects or simply throw them into the community made Looom-tools for various exporting options.

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Artist Spotlight /
James Paterson

Artist Spotlight /
Kristofer Ström

Meet the multi-talent Swedish animation artist Kristofer Ström.

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